1. What does 'hand made' mean?
It means that fabrics are made by local artisans, hand woven and if dyed they are dyed by hand. Depending on the product machines can be used in some part of the production process for instance to remove the seeds from the raw cotton or for cotton spinning. 'Hand made' for us means that each product has been cared for by people and that most of the work is done by hand and not in a factory.

2. Are your products organic?
Most of our cotton is grown without pesticides and dyed without chemicals. However our products are not certified organic. This would be difficult to do since they are made by small communities that lack the resources for certification. They are however produced as natural as possible and organic certification is something we want to look into in the future.

3. Where are your products made?
All our products are made in Thailand only, by local communities with local materials. Our philosophy is to support local craftsmanship and reinvigorate natural methods of production.

4. Do I support local communities by buying your products?

5. Shipping around the world is not environmentally friendly, is it?
Unfortunately this is true. At the moment there is no environmentally friendly way to ship across continents. Cotton and rubber trees however only grow in warm climates. And unlike most products on the market, our products come from a single origin and do not require materials from around the world to be shipped before production. 

6. Do you have a physical shop?
No, at the moment we don't. But who knows what the future brings?

7. Can I become a reseller?
Please send us an email at gardenofsiam@gmail.com.