About us

Garden of Siam is an online store and brand with a focus on natural home products from Thailand. 

Many people are familiar with the beautiful beaches, intricately decorated temples and vibrant cities of Thailand, yet few know that the country that used to be known as Siam is also blessed with rich natural resources and a long standing tradition of beautiful handicrafts. 

Traditional methods to make products take materials that are found nearby people’s homes and use simple hand tools to create goods that are needed in and around the home - just as they were at one time in developed countries and have since been mostly forgotten. In this way it is possible to make cloth, baskets, furniture and tableware and other household products. By using materials that stem directly from nature such as cotton, reed, wood and clay, the life cycle of a product is in harmony with our surroundings.

Today, the majority of modern consumer products use petroleum derived plastics and chemicals, harming our environment and people’s health during production and once discarded.

Many of the traditional methods are in danger of being forgotten or becoming extinct because the generations that used to make the products are getting old. We see it as our mission to renew interest in the techniques and products that are at the heart of the indigenous culture of Thailand and spread knowledge and awareness while providing a source of income for people in rural communities.

We want to redefine luxury into something where the added value is not branding but good design and the knowledge that it is unique because it is made by a human being. We believe that living in luxury is possible in harmony with nature and people.