About Us

Garden of Siam is a Thai-Dutch home products brand and store that focuses on design and functionality for modern lifestyle needs in a sustainable and responsible way.

We concentrate on materials and manufacturing methods that work in harmony with nature and people and blend them with modern design.

The Thai crafts that have been passed down from generation to generation these days have been mostly replaced by mass produced items. Products that are pushed onto consumers with very efficient marketing campaigns make people feel like they are missing out if they are not buying them. This forces consumers to constantly replace them in order to stay up to date. 

We believe there is a market for products made from honest, natural materials in combination with good design. And by that we mean products that look good and function good. We believe in products that are durable and strong, that age gracefully and can be used or repurposed for a long time.

Garden of Siam aims to be a growing eco-friendly brand that participates in conserving natural resources, minimizing waste and negative impacts on future generations.

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