Frequently asked questions

1. What does 'handmade' mean?
Refers to handicrafts that are made by hand, for example, if it is cloth, it is dyed and woven by local craftsmen. However, in some steps, machines may be used to help. such as processing cotton 'Handmade' also means that each product is handled by a human being. And most of the work is done by hand, not in factories.

2. Are my products organic?
Our products are not certified organic. Because the conditions and requirements to get certified are quite difficult for small communities. However, in every production step we have chosen materials that are as naturally derived as possible. And we remain committed to developing our products to be certified as organic products in the future.

3. Where is my product produced?
All your products are made in Thailand. and use local materials as much as possible Our philosophy is to support people in each local community to have jobs and preserve local wisdom and the way of nature which will lead to strong communities in the future.

4. Am I supporting local communities by purchasing your product?

5. Do we ship products overseas?
Unfortunately, we currently do not have international shipping available in our system. Please contact us to make special arrangements.

6. Do you have a storefront?
At this time we do not have a storefront. But there may be in the future.

7. Can I become a distributor?
Please email us at